Small Group

...Because you can't do life alone!



Life is Better Connected

Small Groups are the best place to truly experience the church family. It’s where you will connect and be known, study the Bible, pray for one another, reach out to others and make lifelong friends. For many, the Small Group is a safe place to step into the life of a local church, whether you are new to church and have questions or looking for a new church to call home.

Our Small Groups are made up of men and women from all generations of life, these groups meet throughout the week for fellowship, care, prayer, accountability, sharing stories and studying God’s Word. They’re a place where we work to consider each other over ourselves.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join a Small Group?

We believe you can’t do life by yourself. That’s why the bible says he places the solitary in families (Psalm 68:6). God designed us to be connected to each other so that we can continue to grow in every area of our lives.

What types of groups are there?

We have groups for Women, Men, Married, Singles, Couples, Teens, College & Career, Co-ed. These are broken down by location, meeting day and time.

Is Childcare Provided?

Not all Groups offer childcare, but there are options available. Make sure to let us know if you would like to join a group with childcare. Some groups will have participants share responsibility in watching the children, split the cost for a sitter, or make other arrangements.

How often do Groups meet?

Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. Our Group search page has details on the day, time, and how often each Group meets.

Where do Groups meet?

Groups meet in homes, restaurants, and coffee shops all across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We will help you find a Group near you based on the zip code when you sign up.

What will my Group study?

Study outlines are provided by the ministry on a monthly basis and all Cell Groups are supposed to adhere to the same bible study outline.