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Praise Reports


Praise God, I Got My Sundays Off!

For many months I had been battling with my boss to give me Sundays off so I can go to church but each time he refused to grant my request. During one of our regular church services I approached my Pastor, Pastor Adeola, immediately after church service and informed him about it. I told him […]


From $7/hr to $70/hr

Sister Christine Wisitsa, though had not been consistent in church because the training classes she was taking on Sundays is also experiencing the season of fruit bearing in her finances as she went from an income of $7/hour to $70/hour. This was a manifestation of the word of prophecy that came forth during one of […]


I Play By A Different Set of Rules

Sister Vickie Samuel had desired to work at a certain company and every time she drove by the company she confessed that she was going to work there and that she would not have to go through the interview process like everybody else because she’s different and she plays by a different set of rules. […]


I Named My Salary!

Bro Dominique Smith had applied for a job at a particular company way before this present time. He never got a response from the company and had even forgotten about it but during one of our prayer and fasting programs he got a call from the company offering him the job he had applied for and  […]


Dream Job, Mega Salary!

Sister Miriam Ohaneje, a single parent, a full time student and worker had been wanting to change her job for a more paying job or at the least change her job schedule so she can have more time for ministry as her schedule at the time affected her commitment in church but to no avail. […]